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The Night Sky: Fifty Postcards

The Night Sky: Fifty Postcards

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The Night Sky
Fifty Postcards
Princeton Architectural Press

Details: 50 postcards, 2-piece upright box with deep lift-off lid, and gold foil stamping

Size: 3.875 X 5.625 IN
Publication Date: 11/20/2018
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781616897345

What is our place in the universe? For as long as humans have asked this question, we've looked to the night sky for answers. Whether through sketches, scientific experiments, photography, or painting, we are fascinated by the study of what lies beyond. This handsome foil-stamped box holds fifty postcards, each with a single sublime image: pages from Galileo's sketchbooks, Chinese star maps, artist interpretations of the universe, and rarely seen images from the NASA archives. This sparkly box is perfect for your favorite stargazer or celestial-inspired friend.



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