Who We Are

What is a Tabac?

Marked with its iconic elongated diamond-shaped sign, it serves as the “corner” joint for Parisians to meet and gather. It is a place to purchase postage stamps or lottery tickets, send a postcard, drink a beer, sip an espresso, grab the paper or even a quick bite. Of course, it is also a place to purchase cigarettes and everything a smoker might need. A Tabac is a part of everyday life in Paris. It is more than a shop. It is a lifestyle.


Who We Are.

Tabac & Co. presents the accouterments for a luxurious cannabis experience. Serving finer provisions and gifts for a higher lifestyle you’ll find gorgeous pipes, brilliant ashtrays, a library of clever authors, postcards and housewares adorned with the art of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Christian Lacroix.

It’s elevated. It’s curated. It’s a headshop for the cosmopolitan. It's your way of life.