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The KLIP [kli-p] Grinder by HØJ-PRO

The KLIP [kli-p] Grinder by HØJ-PRO

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KLIP [kli-p] Grinder by HØJ-Pro


Voted the best grinder of 2020 by Herb and Strain Insider.

A true masterpiece by HØJ, Danish designed grinders that magnetically connect together, ergonomic to hold, easy to clean and slices your herb to a fluffy consistency. You can even customize the size of the screens. All in all, this is designed for the ultimate grinding experience of your lifetime. 

Magnetic Magic:
Opposing magnets are used to suspend the central pin in mid air, dramatically reducing its contact with the sides through levitation. This enables an almost frictionless turn. Forget grinders that catch, clog and break - KLIP literally spins.

Slice don’t grind:
Unlike traditional grinders, KLIP doesn’t crush the herb. Instead, custom built dual-blades finely slice through it, creating a much fluffier consistency that burns more evenly. This also protects the integrity of the crystals, resulting in more potent experience with the exact same herb.

1 x KLIP Pro
3 x Control Disc 
1 x Collection Mesh
Cork and bio packaging
Lifetime Warranty

  • Height: 57 mm / 2.2”
  • Diameter: Ø66 mm / 2.6”
  • Load capacity: 1.6g of material
  • Capacity: 3.2g

Designed and Manufactured by  HØJ

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