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Grav® Sitter Sherlock Hand Pipe : Assorted Colors

Grav® Sitter Sherlock Hand Pipe : Assorted Colors

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Rest easy knowing that your GRAV® Sitter Sherlock is stable and the mouthpiece is clear of the table when you put it down between hits. Because of the unique shape, smoke travels far vertically in this piece, giving it time to cool down and leave behind resin, but the pipe is still compact and easy to store. The advantages of the Sitter Sherlock are so obvious, it's elementary.

The Sitter Sherlock Pipe is equipped with a deep bowl for your dry herbs and a classy flat-tipped mouthpiece. A left side air carb gives you full control over the airflow and size of each hit, while the flat base keeps this piece stable and upright between uses

  • Sitter Sherlock Design
  • Flattened Mouthpiece
  • Classic Carb
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Made from 44mm Tubing



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