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Astor Hemp Wick Holder and Ashtray- Assorted Colors

Astor Hemp Wick Holder and Ashtray- Assorted Colors

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Go natural when you're lighting up. 

 We love a hemp wick; fancied up with the Astor Hemp Wick Holder and Ashtray set. Just light the beeswax-covered hemp with your butane lighter or matches. Then puff your favorite blend to life with the chemical-free wick. 

As elegant as a French macaron, our holder keeps your sticky hemp wick nice and neat. When you're done, slot it back into the recess in the round ashtray and leave the set out on your occasional table.

Each handmade set is a one-of-a-kind work of art all your own. Slight glaze variations show the artist's hand.

This hemp wick holders feature 10' of organic European hemp finished with organic local beeswax in Florida sourced from our friends at Latinx-owned Handmade by Hippies.

Material | Glazed stoneware and organic hemp wick

Hand wash.

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